West Kent ICP

Working together to benefit the people of West Kent

What is the Integrated Care Partnership (ICP)?

West Kent ICP contains representation from different health and social care providers including the acute trust, community trusts, mental health trusts, primary care and social care to plan and deliver improved services to the West Kent population.

The ICP’s priorities are looking into where to focus the systems efforts, developing ways of working and strategies on how to the health and social care partners in the area can best work together to support people of West Kent to live healthier lives.

When this work is completed in April 2021, the ICP will be responsible for many of the commissioning duties. Until this time, NHS Kent and Medway CCG will be responsible for continuing the work of the former NHS West Kent CCG.

From April 2020 the ICP will enter a shadow year before going live in April 2021.

What organisations are part of West Kent ICP?

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Covid 19

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