What is a PCN?

West Kent Primary Care offers a variety of services to patients and Primary Care Networks

GP practices across the country are working together alongside community, mental health, social care, pharmacy, hospital and council services in Primary Care Networks (PCNs). Watch this NHS video for an overview.

West Kent has 9 PCNs. Each PCN is led by a Clinical Director who may be a GP, practice nurse, clinical pharmacist or other clinical professional working within general practice.

These networks help to deliver proactive, personalised, and more integrated care within communities and make sure the different health and care services work together better.

PCNs can apply for NHS funding to pay for staff in new roles such as clinical pharmacists and physician associates – known as Additional Roles. These new roles help practices provide more personalised and proactive care to patients.

West Kent Primary Care is supporting most PCNs in West Kent with back office support such as recruitment, quality compliance and finance management.

Find out how we support PCNs.

Covid 19

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